Integration of Rich File Manager with ckeditor

This article is helpful to those developers or programmers who are facing the issues with file upload functionality and are using the ckfinder a paid service. Rich file manager is open source and is free to use. You can follow the below steps to integrate this with ckeditor in your spring boot or java application. 1.Download the latest version of ckeditor¬† and rich file manager. Add the above downloaded files under resources folder of your project. Make sure to add ckeditor and RichFilemanager-master directories in parallel under resource folder. 2.Open the js file /Resources/ckeditor/config.js and add below lines, config.filebrowserImageBrowseUrl =’/RichFilemanager-master/index.html?filter=image’ (Note, we have added the filter Image to support the upload of images only moreover you can remove or modify the filter as per your need. 3. Enabling the java connector – We need to use the java connector to connect rich file manager with ckeditor. i) Modify the rich… Read more“Integration of Rich File Manager with ckeditor”