How to paste lotus notes link into outlook email

These days many companies switching from lotus notes to Outlook and so we get frequently need to paste notes link into outlook email. In this article I’ll be explaining how to create custom button which can paste lotus notes link into outlook email. You can download vba project VbaProject. Extract VbaProject.OTM at C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook or alternatively follow below steps to create the vba project. Open outlook and hit Alt+F11. This will open vba developer window. Create a new module and add below code: Sub New_Paste_Link() Dim strLink As String Dim doLink As DataObject Dim strLinkName As String Dim intStart As Long Set doLink = New DataObject doLink.GetFromClipboard ‘MsgBox prompt:=doLink.GetText strLink = Parse_Link(doLink.GetText) If InStr(1, doLink.GetText, “<NDL>”) > 1 Then intStart = InStr(1, doLink.GetText, vbCrLf) If intStart > 1 Then strLinkName = Left(doLink.GetText, intStart – 1) Else strLinkName = “Link” End If Else strLinkName = “Link” End If strLinkName = Trim(strLinkName) If strLink > “”… Read more“How to paste lotus notes link into outlook email”