Application Performance Management Tools

Depending on which language/technology your application is built on, there are several tools you could use for this. To fully manage and monitor the performance of an application, it requires collecting and monitoring a lot of different types of data. Below are important components of a complete application performance management tool, Performance of each web requests or transactions Performance of each transactions Usage and performance of all application dependencies like databases, web services, caching etc. Detailed transaction traces Code level performance profiling Server metrics like CPU, memory etc. Support for custom applications metrics Application log data Application errors Real user monitoring etc.   New Relic New Relic products work together as a platform from which you can troubleshoot and monitor software performance from end to end. Its SaaS based tool and supports the various languages – .NET, Java, Ruby, Phython, Nodejs, Go, PHP etc. APM Agents collect application performance data Browser Agent collects… Read more“Application Performance Management Tools”

Defining Performance and Performance Tuning

Why is My Application slow? When we find that after an application is deployed, it is not performing as desired. In other words it’s not meeting non-functional requirements. This application now requires some fixes that may correct the problem. The process of refactoring an application to improve its performance is called tuning. Before tuning we should also know, what is the user expectation (Non-functional requirement)? How much user going to access the system as per NFR. What is required throughput or response time user is expecting etc. Dependency on third party application or software etc.   A definite improvement can be achieved if you do some tuning to your code. The Tuning Process may involve: Switching compilers, turning on optimizations using a different runtime VM, finding bottlenecks in the code or architecture that need some fixes. There are always some limitations to our system i.e. CPU speed and availability, Memory… Read more“Defining Performance and Performance Tuning”