How to pull Jira Report into Excel

In IT industry we are using Jira for tyask management and we need to pull status reports frequently. Below are the steps can be used to get the report from Jira into Excel: Login to Create a filter to get your selected issues and desired. (Example URL: ) Selected Export dropdown menu Right-clicked on the CSV (Current fields or All fields) option and copy link Copied the CSV URL ( Open Excel Workbook Select the Data tab Select Get Data -> From Web Pasted the CSV URL in the Web Address box (Basic selected), clicked OK From here, the preview window was showing up empty so make sure that you have the correct permissions set by doing the following: Select Edit on the preview window Select Data source settings Select Edit Permissions Select Edit (Permissions were already set to Basic) Select Basic from the side panel on the left… Read more“How to pull Jira Report into Excel”