Challenges of microservices architectures

Below are some of the challenges of microservices architecture and proposed solutions: 1.  Inter Services Communication — MicroServices will rely on each other and they will have to communicate. A common communication channel needs to be framed using HTTP/ESB etc.  There are the different way to communicate microservices – a. Point to point using API Gateway b. Messaging event driven platform using Kafka and RabbitMQ c. Service Mesh 2. Data Consistency — Event sourcing architecture can address this issue using the async messaging platform. The SAGA design pattern can address this challenge. 3. Security — An API Gateway can solve these challenges. There are many open source and enterprise APIs available like Spring Cloud Gateway, Apigee, WSO2, Kong, Okta (2-step authentication) and public cloud offering from AWS, GCP and Azure etc. Custom solutions can also be developed for API security using JWT token, Spring Security, and Netflix OSS Zuul2. 4…. Read more“Challenges of microservices architectures”