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  1. Ourhints says:

    Following are some of the important features of Spring Boot framework

    1. Starter dependency
    This feature aggregates common dependencies together. For example, if you want to develop Spring MVC based RESTful services then instead of including Spring MVC JAR and Jackson JAR file into class path you can just specify spring-boot-web-starter and it will automatically download both those JAR files. Spring Boot comes with many such starter dependencies to improve productivity.

    2. Auto-Configuration
    This is another awesome features of Spring Boot which can configure many things for you. For example, If you are developing Spring web application and Thymeleaf.jar is present on the class path then it can automatically configure Thymeleaf template resolver, view resolver, and other settings.

    3. Spring Initializer
    A web application which can create initial project structure for you. This simplifies initial project setup part.

    4. Spring Actuator
    This feature provides a lot of insights of a running Spring boot application. For example, you can use Actuator to find out which beans are created in Spring’s application context and which request path are mapped to controllers.

    5. Spring CLI
    This is another awesome feature of Spring Boot which really takes Spring development into next level. It allows you to use Groovy for writing Spring boot application which means a lot more concise code.

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