How to create new laravel project ( new php application )

You need to follow the below steps for creating new laravel project ( or new php application ) Step 1: Install Composer Go to and download Windows installer. Step 2: If your installation is successful, by running composer on command prompt, you will see all kinds of info just by running that command. Go to folder where you want to install the laravel. Just run below command in your command prompt: composer create-project laravel/laravel your-project-name or < you can istall Laravel globally. for this open cmd in Windows and enter this command. composer global require “laravel/installer” then run the below command for creating project laravel new your-project-name

How to create custom page template in WordPress

Custom page template should be used when you want a different layout on any page. There can be multiple reasons for actual uses in your site created on wordpress. This is simple and can be done by following below steps , you just need simple knowledge about php, html and css. 1. Create template file, let us take the example of creating a template where we can display all the posts from a particular category. Also User should be able to navigate easily to each post of that category. a) Create a template file and add the below code,