Microservices and their key benefits

Microservices are a kind of software architectural solution that allows software to be developed into relatively small, distinct and loosely coupled components. Each of the components provides a distinct subset of the functionality of the entire application. Each microservice, can then be designed, developed, and managed independently. This allows for distributed ownership of a large application across a large organisation, with each microservice owned by a specific team.

  • Microservices are an independent components and are smaller in size hence can be easily built and maintain by a small team.
  • Microservices are scalable.
  • Technology diversity i.e. This eliminates long-term commitment to a single technology stack, if you want to try out a new technology stack on an individual service, you can go ahead.
  • Fault isolation i.e. larger applications remain unaffected by the failure of small component.
  • Better support for parallel team to work on separate components.
  • Independent deployment and easy integration.
  • This enables the high quality code since at a time specific development team focuses on small part of a larger application.


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