Bug Life Cycle

Life cycle of Bug   Log new defect When tester logs any new bug the mandatory fields could be: Build version, Submit On, Product, Module, Severity, Synopsis and Description to Reproduce In above list you can add some optional fields if you are using manual Bug submission template: These Optional Fields are: Customer name, Browser, Operating system, File Attachments or screenshots. The following fields remain either specified or blank: If you have authority to add bug Status, Priority and ‘Assigned to’ fields them you can specify these fields. Otherwise Test manager will set status, Bug priority and assign the bug to respective module owner. Look at the following Bug life cycle: Ref: Bugzilla bug life cycle The figure is quite complicated but when you consider the significant steps in bug life cycle you will get quick idea of bug life. On successful logging the bug is reviewed by Development or Test manager. Test manager… Read more“Bug Life Cycle”