How to pass parameters in downstream jenkins jobs

I got a question how to pass parameter in trailing jobs. Jenkins 2.0 provides option to use Jenkinsfile. Takes in parameter “Task_Name” Runs Job-1 and pass in parameter “Task_Name” to it Upon successful run of Job-1, it will trigger Job-2 and pass in the “Task_Name” parameter Note that Job-1 and Job-2 are 2 separate Jenkins jobs, and the Jenkinsfile below belongs to the Jenkins job that triggers both Job-1 and Job-2   pipeline { agent any parameters { string(name: ‘Task_Name’, defaultValue: ‘Testing’, description: ‘Name of the task’) } stages { stage(‘job 1’){ steps { echo “${params.Task_Name} Job 1!” } } stage(‘job 2’){ steps { echo “${params.Task_Name} Job 2!” } } } }