Database Testing using SOAPUI

In this topic I’ll explain how to test database using SOAPUI Freeware. 

  • Create a new Test Suit
  • Create new test case
  • Add new test Step – JDBC Connection

  • It opens this window. 

  • To create a JDBC connection, the user needs to provide valid Driver and Connection String. These parameters are used to identify the type of database and create a connection to use the database.

For these details refer: For mysql you need to download the connector file while for few other database connections drivers are included with SOPAUI package. Connections needs to be copied into  C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\SoapUI-5.5.0\bin\ext. On MAC you need to copy same into /Applications/

MySQL Connection string has following syntax:

Here, property is the username and password along with other parameters required to connect with a database.

For example,


  • Test the connection. If successful then can use any SQL to get the data.

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